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In 1981, Education Logistics Inc. (EDULOG) was the first to implement a school bus routing and scheduling software, designed to increase efficiency and save school districts money. Now with over 30 years of experience in the industry Edulog has vastly expanded its product and services including GPS, routing and scheduling, student tracking, fleet maintenance, field trip management, and driver time and attendance. The K-12 Consulting Division boasts operational and bus route efficiency studies, boundary planning/redistricting, and enrollment forecasting. EDULOG has innovative and affordable systems that produce verifiable cost savings and greater management control. Big or small, simple or complex, turn-key custom solutions are available for virtually all K-12 operational needs . More than 1,300 school districts throughout North America rely on EDULOG every day for software, support, and service. Edulog is truly a one-stop-shop for K-12 transportation.

Edulog’s introduction of GPS-based routing and planning systems initiated a paradigm shift in transportation technology, and allows districts to track and report comparative analyses of planned versus actual bus routes. Further, customers can even update their routing software with GPS-collected data such as stop time averages, travel path, and more. Geofencing, panic buttons and emergency alarms, route deviation alerts, live idle-time tracking, and web-apps with late/early/on-time ETAs all come ‘stock’ with the package. Recent years are starred with on-vehicle driver timekeeping, turn-by-turn navigation, and successful RFID-based student tracking systems - highlights include exception-based ridership; missed students, incorrect drop-offs, and even tools for evaluating consistent low-ridership activity for more effective management of vehicle capacity.

The Edulog goal is to make the life of transportation staff easier, and help increase operational efficiency.

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Education Logisitics

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GPS Fleet Tracking Products and Services

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Region 14 ESC

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5 year term, November 1, 2012 to November 30, 2017
*Option to renew for zero (0) additional one (1) year periods.

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Pete Salinas
Work: (406) 728-0892
Cell: (406) 360-0205