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Aon Cyber Solutions (ACS) offers holistic cyber risk management using a multifaceted seek, shield, and solve approach that is designed to fit within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. Aon is a global leader in the field of cybersecurity, with leading experts in incident response, security science, investigations, eDiscovery, digital forensics, and due diligence. Aon welcomes the opportunity to discuss the right cyber risk preparedness approach for you and your organization.

Products and Services


Aon takes a risk-based approach to evaluate cyber threat. With a full spectrum of security assessment services, we will provide deep insight and enhanced understanding of your preparedness for a cyber incident. We can assess the strength of your cyber defenses and overall readiness to respond to external threats, insider risks and third-party risks, Aon reviews the environment to identify cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities across five key areas: business practices, information technology, end users, security governance and the physical security in information assets. Aon will provide actionable and prioritized recommendations for mitigating or transferring enterprise cyber risk.

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu)
  • Cyber Impact Analysis: Financial Quantification
  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment
  • Privacy Compliance Assessment
  • Individual Vulnerability Assessment
  • CyberScan
  • Red Team & Social Engineering Testing
  • Application & Mobile Security Testing
  • Network & Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Cloud & Host Configuration
  • Automotive & IoT Security Testing
  • Source Code Security Review
  • Security Architecture Assessment
  • Developer Application Security Training
  • Secure Development Training
  • Threat Hunting
  • Due Diligence & Background Assessments


Aon’s cyber professionals help clients properly prepare, optimize and enhance security governance and incident detection and protocols. Simulating tabletop exercises, coordinating with stakeholders to design, refine, and validate incident response plans, assisting with architecture and design, and serving as experts who can validate corporate cybersecurity actions will help improve overall cybersecurity protection.

  • Incident Response Planning & Playbook Development
  • Cyber Threat Simulations
  • Security Architecture & Design
  • Security Policies & Standards Development
  • Security Controls Optimization
  • Third Party Cyber Risk Management
  • Insider Risk Program Development
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • SOC Optimization
  • CISO Advisory
  • Threat Intelligence Monitoring
  • Data Privacy Analysis
  • Data and Workflow Mapping


Aon is ready to help when a cyberattack occurs. Our experts are poised to help limit business/service interruption, ensure recovery, and expedite claims preparation. In addition, we can preserve digital evidence required for reporting purposes or in the event of legal action, and we can act as expert witnesses during regulatory proceedings or litigation.

  • Stroz Friedberg Incident Response
  • Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics
  • eDiscovery
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Incident Response Retainer
  • Complex Cyber Claims Preparation
  • Cyber Claims Advocacy
  • Investigations & Recovery Services
  • Workplace Misconduct Investigations
  • Digital Evidence Preservation Asset Searches
  • Identify Attribution PHI/PII Data Mining for Risk/Compliance

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