Cloud Ingenuity was established in 2016 focused on bringing Fortune 100 strategy to the masses to drive business transformation. Our comprehensive services span 5 key tenants: Multi Cloud, Cyber Security, Network Modernization, Collaboration, and Enterprise Visibility. Our team helps customers determine current challenges, and we partner to build a plan for implementing the "best of breed" solutions needed to achieve successful business outcomes. Our greatest thrill is when collaboration with our team leads to measured success within a customer's business. Whether we’ve increased ROI, secured their environment, or improved their time to market. Our customers find great satisfaction in knowing that Cloud Ingenuity is a partner they can trust. We created this company with the sole focus of 100% customer satisfaction and driving business outcomes. Cloud Ingenuity is a solution integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including the data center and lines of business. Built on products and services from the world’s top technology companies, Cloud Ingenuity solutions are installed, configured and supported by our dedicated teams of highly certified experts. We are in this relationship for the long haul and stay engaged past the purchase order until we drive operationalization and ROI.

Contract Info

Awarded Vendor:
Cloud Ingenuity

Contract Awarded:
Cyber-Security Solutions, Malware, Ransomware Protection, Other Related Products and Services

Contract Number:

Lead Agency: 
Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
3 year term, December 13, 2021 to December 31, 2024
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

Due Diligence

Request for Proposal:
RFP for Cyber-Security Solutions, Malware, Ransomware Protection, Other Related Products and Services

Awarded Vendor Response:
Cloud Ingenuity's Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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Vendor Contact

Charlie Bollom
O: (972) 532-3187
M: (281) 253-0906