Contec has been providing innovative cleaning tools and resources for critical environments for over 30 years. With our headquarters and manufacturing locations in South Carolina, we can help reduce supply chain pain points. Contec Professional offers the ideal solution to your biggest cleaning challenges, whether it’s mops, wipes, dusters, hardware, or even training. Our single-use microfiber products are designed to help eliminate cross-contamination. Laundered microfiber can often harbor residual germs, bacteria, etc. due to complicated washing protocols. Our lightweight hardware supports better ergonomics and reduces strain. Cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult! When clean counts most, count on Contec Professional.

  • Premira® Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads – Our patented single-use microfiber mop pads trap, lock, and hold dirt and germs until you throw them away. Powerful cleaning capability in an easy-to-store design.
  • Premira® Portables – The same great mop pads in a convenient resealable pouch makes Premira Portables ideal for areas short on storage space. No bulky bucket necessarys — just pour your chemical directly into the Portables pouch!
  • ContecClean™ Cloths — These all-purpose wipes are available in multiple sizes, and in perforated rolls or quarterfolded stacks. The unique embossed design of ContecClean Cloths helps make applying disinfectant easier and more efficient.
  • Unifore™ Wipes — When you need a nonwoven wipe for your cleaning needs, Unifore is an ideal choice.
  • ZeroGravity™ Mopping System — Designed with convenience in mind, our patented ZeroGravity Mopping System offers superior flat mop heads, ultra-lightweight handles, and easy QuickChange™ connectors to give you maximum options with minimum hassle.
  • Premira® Microfiber High Dusters — Don’t let germs and debris fester overhead just because you can’t reach them. Our patented Premira microfiber is available as a duster, and it’s ideal for cleaning vents, lights, and other difficult to clean areas.
  • TrapMore™ Disposable Dusting Sheets — Our TrapMore dusting sheets can pick up glitter, pet hair, and other stubborn debris that other dusters leave behind. Their perforated design lets you select as much or as little as you need to get the job done.