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Managing and containing utility costs is a time-consuming challenge for every organization. If your organization has multiple locations and facilities, the challenge grows exponentially. You can count on Cost Control Associates to help your organization manage every aspect of its utility costs.

For the past 25 years, Cost Control Associates has helped clients across all industry segments reduce and manage energy, waste removal, telecom and cellular costs through a variety of innovative programs. We serve clients of all types and sizes, including not-for-profit organizations, school districts and educational institutions, governments and related agencies. Our services include utility bill auditing in which we conduct a thorough examination of utility invoices to identify refunds and cost savings. We also perform invoice processing and payment, data analysis, budgeting and forecasting and other consulting services.

We owe our successful track record to our:

  • Attentive service: Your needs are our top priority
  • Detailed approach and deep industry expertise
  • Experienced, knowledgeable analysts
  • Proprietary tools and programs that maximize results for your organization
  • Total independence from equipment sellers/installers and utility providers

We have worked with more than 500 local governments and school districts and perform work across the U.S.and in some Canadian provinces. Though we understand your industry and have worked with your utility providers, we are guided solely by your best interest.



  • Utility Bill Audit: There’s a good chance you are paying too much for your energy, waste removal and/or phone/cellular services. An in-depth examination of your utility bills often points to significant savings. Cost Control Associates understands the rates and tariffs in every state and uses them to lower rates for our clients. We identify areas of improvement, uncover billing errors and identify more optimal rates with regulated suppliers to lower your ongoing costs. More than 90% of our clients have found that they were paying too much.

  • Benefit by Ongoing Cost Savings: While we offer a one-time (or periodic) review of your utility costs, we also offer ongoing data analysis/review which provides continuous analysis of your costs and ensures that you are paying optimal rates going forward. While most firms provide automated system checks, Cost Control Associates takes a deeper dive to validate data accuracy. In fact, when we perform secondary reviews for clients who receive utility auditing services elsewhere, we regularly find additional reductions and refunds.

  • Find Cash with Deposit Recovery: If you’ve opened and closed accounts with utility providers, there’s a good chance you’ve left money on the table. We review utility company deposit policies and work with account representatives to determine what deposits you have paid. We then negotiate to reduce or recover your deposit dollars and verify that the money is credited or returned directly to you.


  • Centralize Your Utility Invoice Processing & Payment: With our services, your multi-site organization gets the data you need to properly manage energy costs. We create a database of building location and utility account information. Accurate data entry of invoice fields records monthly energy usage and cost data. You have access to a web portal to view the data as well as images of the original invoice. Standard and customized reports help you manage budgets, and we work with you to recognize trends and spot abnormalities


  • Take Advantage of Efficient, Knowledgeable Energy Procurement: We help clients buy supplies of electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets. Whether you want help with a specific procurement activity or seek a firm to manage all your energy procurement, Cost Control Associates can help. Depend on our comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge to give you an edge in purchasing supplies of electricity, natural gas and other fuels. Cost Control Associates has been helping clients purchase energy supplies since 1996, but we are not an energy supplier or marketer—our independence from suppliers means we deliver the advice that works best for you.

  • Enjoy Right-priced Telecom/Cellular Network Solutions: Whether it’s for local and long distance services (voice and data) or internet, we help you gain the advantage over service providers. We have the technical knowledge and experience to clearly understand service differentials and pricing. Our expertise allows you to reduce costs, maximize supplier service and minimize financial risks. We help you compare and evaluate your options. We can structure your network and help you write a clear, concise RFP to get the services that help your organization run smoothly.


  • Enhance Your Energy Budgeting/Forecasting: To better manage your costs in a marketplace of ever-changing prices, it’s critical to maintain a detailed budget. We will prepare a complete usage and cost budget for your organization, or we can assist your staff in preparing its own budgets. At Cost Control Associates we customize our solution to meet your needs.

  • Additional Services: Cost Control Associates can also lend its expertise to help with site performance benchmarking, emissions reporting/consulting and ENERGY STAR.


  • Relax with Worry-free Location Openings and Closings: Openings and closings are fraught with details. Missing one step can make the difference between success and disaster. Let Cost Control Associates manage the process of properly turning on and off utilities. We take away the frustration of dealing with utility companies, wasting precious time on hold and double-checking tasks. We’ll make sure your important events go off (or on) without a hitch!

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