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Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc. (DBS&A) is an employee-owned full-service environmental, water resources, and engineering consulting firm founded in 1984. DBS&A is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with branch offices in Austin and Lubbock, Texas; Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, and Oakland, California; and Durango, Colorado. DBS&A also operates a soil testing and research laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The firm is comprised of approximately 90 professionals, including soil and environmental scientists; civil, chemical, and environmental engineers; hydrologists and geologists; geographic information system and information systems specialists; and field and laboratory technicians.

Particular areas of expertise include: regulatory support for environmental protection; studies of contaminant transport in soil and groundwater; numerical modeling; remediation of soil and groundwater; custom solutions for data management and mapping; technical support for environmental and water resource disputes; hydrogeologic investigations; water resources planning and development; and water rights.

DBS&A’s AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) accredited Soil Testing and Research Laboratory provides analyses of hydrologic properties, consolidation and strength, and geotechnical testing. It is also the go-to facility for research, development, and implementation of novel technologies and instruments to aid in successful project outcomes and project cost reductions for our clients. Our accredited technicians provide quality soil testing results for modeling, construction, and geotechnical projects for clients around the world from our 9,600 square foot facility.

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Daniel B. Stephens & Associates

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Environmental Services

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Region 14 ESC

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5 year term, April 1, 2019 to March 30, 2024
*Option to renew for zero (0) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for Environmental Services

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Daniel B. Stephens & Associates' Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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5th Year Renewal Letter

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Kevin S. Hopson, P.G.
NCPA Contract Program Manager
4030 West Braker Lane, Suite 325
Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 821-2765