Fräsch, a subsidiary of Catalyst Acoustics Group, is an innovative acoustical company that designs and manufactures sustainable acoustical solutions that enhance the visual style of any space. Our products are manufactured in Texas out of PET felt, an eco-friendly material made from recycled water bottles. Easy to clean and just as easy to love, our acoustic solutions include acoustical baffles, lighting, wall treatments, space dividers and accessories. Learn more on the corporate website frasch.com.

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Design. Acoustics. Health. Beauty. Function.
Everything we do starts with the goal of improving peoples’ experience in community spaces. Our thoughtfully designed acoustical elements will transform your space.

Good Acoustics
Sound affects our moods, well-being and even productivity. Even though open floor plans encourage collaboration and creativity, they often miss the mark when it comes to acoustics. Air, light, and sound are crucial to our well-being and need to be prioritized in any design.

Innovative and surprising yet functional. We approach each project keeping clarity of the design goal in mind. We are not scared to take design risks that couple creativity with our deep technical and engineering knowledge, allowing us to bring to life one-of-kind designs.

We believe that when you can choose, choose the better option. That never means settling for inferior design, it just means thinking about doing things a little bit outside of the box. We care to be the best stewards of our blue planet we can be by searching for sustainable materials and solutions in every step of the process.


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Contract Awarded:
Privacy Pods and Furniture Booth

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Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
3 year term, April 19, 2022 to April 30, 2025
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for Privacy Pods and Furniture Booth

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Frasch's Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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Vendor Contact

Michael Ackelbein
Vice President | Sales and Distribution
609 112th Street, Suite A
Arlington, TX 76011
(214) 636-1218