Entegra Procurement Services



Entegra Procurement Services is a purchasing partner committed to helping NCPA members serve their consumers. Our staff of procurement specialists bring experience and passion to NCPA’s members, helping to implement savings and solutions that round out their operations.

Entegra has solutions for:
•     School Districts (including K-12, Charter schools, and Private K-12)
•     Higher Education (including Universities, Community Colleges, Private Colleges, and Technical / Vocational Schools)
•     Cities
•     Counties
•     Local Government
•     State Agencies
•     Healthcare Organizations
•     Church/Religious
•     Nonprofit Corporations

A fully-owned subsidiary of Sodexo, entegra Procurement Services is part of a global supply chain with $18.2 billion in purchasing power for food, services and supplies in North America. Entegra serves more than 93,000 purchasing sites across North America.


With entegra, you can save on a portfolio of over 26,000 products – with no minimum purchasing requirements. We offer innovative products to meet your needs across the board:
•     Food & Beverage. You’ll find all the brands your consumers love at costs you can’t beat. From baked goods and snacks, to meat, seafood and dairy, and everything in between, discover savings from the entegra program on items you’re already buying.
•     Services & Supplies. Entegra knows that having flexibility in your purchasing program helps you meet ever changing needs of your operations. We offer programs for sanitation and safety, menu planning, temporary labor, facilities management and other resources to support the ongoing upkeep your business faces.
•     Equipment & Furnishings. You balance a lot to keep your operations running. We make it easy to find the equipment your staff needs to do their job, like smallwares for their kitchens, to the furniture and fixtures you want to keep your consumers feeling comfortable and at ease.
•     Data & Digital Tools. Entegra’s team of procurement experts stays on top of the latest trends and data to help inform our support for you. We offer our clients a cost savings tool to help compare pricing on products they currently purchase with a list of comparable products on contract with entegra, making it easy to realize savings quickly. And, with top-notch reporting with the entegra purchasing IQ tool, clients can get real-time data on their purchasing habits to stay on track year-round.

Contract Info

Awarded Vendor:
Entegra Procurement Services

Contract Awarded:
Food Management Programs and Related Products and Services

Contract Number:

Lead Agency: 
Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
3 year term, December 17, 2020 to December 31, 2023
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

Due Diligence

Request for Proposal:
RFP for Food Management Programs and Related Products and Services

Awarded Vendor Response:
entegra Procurement Services' Response to RFP

Bid Tab & Request for RFP List

Award Letter:
Region 14 Award Letter

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Line Card

Our Corporate Commitments

For entegra, sustainability and corporate responsibility are linked, and our response is never an afterthought. When it comes to sustainable practices, each aspect of our operations allows our partners to reap the benefits of controlled costs and long-term sustainability. Entegra supply management will work to provide information on how our partnership and your purchasing practices contribute to your sustainability vision and business integrity. Some of the programs that entegra believes aligns with our clients.

•     Supplier Resources: Entegra supports the education of diverse vendors through our second-tier program and support of our organization partners.
•     Responsible Sourcing: We are committed to ensuring that 100% of the fish and seafood sourced and promoted by entegra is sustainable. Entegra is committed to sourcing seafood that is certified and supports healthy fisheries and wild fish populations.
•     Local Sourcing: Entegra supply management regional distributors are required by contract to carry local produce. Clients can contact their account manager to find out what we are already doing to support local purchases.
•     Animal Welfare: As part of our longstanding pledge to improve animal welfare in the countries where we operate, entegra announced in December 2016 a set of new and broad commitments to improve the humane treatment of animals in our U.S. supply chain, a move that was lauded by the Humane Society of the United States.
•     Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise: Entegra is committed to promoting local development, as well as fair, inclusive and sustainable business practices.
•     Supplier Diversity and Community Partnerships: We believe that diversity in our supply chain as well as in our workforce gives us access to the best people and products for our organization and our clients. Our supplier diversity program, which has been in effect since 2000 but expanded globally in 2014, is part of Better Tomorrow 2025 – our global commitment to support the local community. The program includes the identification, development and growth of diverse and small businesses within minority-, women-, disabled-, service disabled-, veteran- and LGBT-owned businesses.

Sodexo, and entegra as part of Sodexo, has been recognized time after time for its commitment to positively impact individuals, communities and the environment.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in becoming a member, reach out to us one of two ways:
      1.  Contact Andy Watts (Enterprise Account Executive) to learn more about our programs:
              Phone: (609) 756-6737

Fill out this form and a procurement specialist will get in touch.

Once you’re a member, remember to register on entegraps.com for 24/7 access to:
•     Entegra Purchasing IQ
•     A comprehensive Purchasing Guide
•     Monthly program & pricing updates
•     Exclusive limited time offers – and more!


If I use entegra, do I need to change my purchasing process?
Being an entegra member is easy. You’re likely already buying through one of our dozens of distributors. Let your distributor know that you are now on the entegra program, and you’re buying your products and services at entegra contracted prices.

How am I supported by entegra?
Our staff and support team are our greatest asset and, therefore, the greatest resource we will use to extend the capabilities of your organization. Some of the areas of support you will receive come from:
•     Your National Account Executive: Your primary point of contact to ensure you see value from the entegra program.
•     Our Call Center: The entegra Client Procurement Services Call Center is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST.
•     The Value Analysis Team: Your managed order guide analyst will assist in identifying product conversions to help drive contract utilization and additional program incentives. •     A Finance Analyst: Your financial analyst will provide the necessary reporting you need to monitor the utilization of the program.