Are you looking for Facilities Management Software to drive efficiencies, maximize the useful life of assets, make data-driven decisions and manage your property portfolio more strategically? FacilityForce is the exclusive provider of Facilities Resource Planning (FRP) software, which is a hybrid solution combining all the capabilities of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) with the strategic and financial planning capabilities of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Although the name FacilityForce may seem new, the brand was carved out of AssetWorks Facilities to focus on the unique challenges that large government and commercial organizations face in managing their property portfolios.

Contract Info

Awarded Vendor:

Contract Awarded:
Facilities and Asset Management Information Systems

Contract Number:

Lead Agency: 
Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
2 year term, May 3, 2021 to April 30, 2023
*Option to renew for three (3) additional one (1) year periods.

Due Diligence

Request for Proposal:
RFP for Facilities and Asset Management Information Systems

Awarded Vendor Response:
AssetWorks' Response to RFP

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Award Letter:
Region 14 Award Letter

Renewal Letter:
2nd Year Renewal Letter

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Vendor Contact

Kevin Raasch

Contract Highlights

- FacilityForce Engage: Self-service portal products for the communities you serve, enhancing communication and improving customer service.
- FacilityForce Operate: The core family of integrated enterprise solutions and specialized modules designed to maximize the ROI in your facilities and assets. Key components include:
     -   Operate Property & Assets
     -   Operate Space
     -   Operate Work
     -   Operate Capital Improvement
     -   Operate Energy & Utility Billing
     -   Operate FCA & Strategic Planning
- FacilityForce Perform: Family of mobile apps that put the power of FacilityForce in the hands of your field personnel and technicians.
- FacilityForce Analyze: Business intelligence solution that makes valuable and actionable business insights available to stakeholders.
- FacilityForce Automate: Provides for business process automation and standards-based integration with other key systems in your facilities' ecosystem.
- Professional Services: Consulting, Implementation, Training, Custom Solutions and more.
- Hosting Services
- Software Support

Success Stories

     •   The State of Alaska: Tackles Statewide Deferred Maintenance
     •   A Beacon of Government Innovation and Efficiency
     •   The Wyoming School Facilities Commission Delivers Government Transparency