Palos Sports is a supplier of Athletic and Physical Education Equipment and Supplies to individuals, schools, YMCA's, park districts, and other recreational groups nationwide. We strive to provide expert advice, individual attention, and quality equipment to every one of our customers. Our mission is to supply physical educators, fitness professionals, coaches and recreation directors with a variety of innovative sports and fitness equipment, activities and the knowledge that will make their programs both impacting and successful.

Since 1957, Palos Sports has built and maintained a business that prides excellence, not only in the practice of customer service, but also in the responsibility to the communities in which our staff live and work. We are proud of our core values and the level in which our staff has embraced them.

For 62 years, Palos Sports has been dedicated to providing the tools to promote a healthy fitness lifestyle. We are proud of the Palos Sports reputation for providing competitive prices, friendly service, and speedy delivery. Palos Sports goes beyond supplying products by providing product support, training, advisory services and exceptional customer service. Please visit our website at www.palossports.com to view a full line of our product offerings and to learn more about working with Palos Sports.


Palos Sports partners with hundreds of vendors to provide extensive product selections and solutions for the physical education and athletic equipment markets. We work with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry to provide both innovative and top quality products to our customers.

Palos Sports offers over 4,000 quality products at competitive prices at a national level. Palos Sports provides a vast selection of both equipment and instructional tools to our customers. Our product categories include: Adaptive PE Equipment, Agility, Archery, Audio, Awards, Badminton, Balance, Ball Bags & Carts, Baseball/Softball , Basketball , Bean Bags , Bleachers & Benches , Board Games, Books, Bosu Training , Bowling, BRAINball , Broomball , Canopies , Chairs , Character Education, Classroom Activities, Climbing, Coaches’ Aids, Cones & Markers, CPR , Dance, Discs & Disc Golf, Dodgeballs, Electronics, Equipment Carriers, Equipment Packs, Exergaming, Field Day, Field Hockey, Field Markers, First Aid, Fitness Assessment, Fitness Equipment, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Flooring, Foam Balls, Football, Games & Activities, Golf, Group Games, Gymnastics ,Heart Rate Monitors, Hoops, Hydration, Inflators, Juggling, Jump Ropes, Lacrosse, Locks, Martial Arts & Boxing, Mats, Megaphones, Movement, Nutrition, Paddle Games, Parachutes, Pedometers, Pickleball, Pinnies & Vests, Playballs, Playground Equipment, Racquetball, Rhythmic Play, Ride Ons, Scales, Scooters, Scoreboards, Scrimmage Vests, Soccer, Speed Stacks, Standards, Stopwatches, Swimming & Water Polo, Table Tennis, Teacher Resources, Team Building, Tennis, Tetherball, Timers, Toss Games, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wall Mats, Whistles & Lanyards and Yoga Equipment.

Palos Sports has the exclusive rights to sell BRAINball™ in the United States. BRAINball™ is an innovative and unique physical education learning system that merges physical activity and academic learning through play. BRAINball™ is broadly adaptable across elementary and secondary grades, and while an excellent tool for physical education, it is also perfect for use in the classroom, after-school, recreation and sports programs. BRAINball™ was created by: Andrzej Rokita PhD, Tadeusz Rzepa PhD and Marek Nowicki and developed by: Andrzej Rokita PhD, Ireneusz Cichy PhD, Sara Wawrzyniak PhD from The University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland.

Our staff is knowledgeable on product offerings and can help customers find the right equipment that best fits their budget. Palos Sports can also offer free K-12 Professional Development Workshops. Please visit our website: www.palossports.com to view our product offerings.

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Palos Sports

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Athletic Supplies and Equipment

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Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
3 year term, August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2022
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for Athletic Supplies and Equipment

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Palos Sports' Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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Raymond Dunne
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NCPA Contract Manager
11711 S. Austin Avenue
Alsip, IL 60803
(800) 233-5484