PayIt is focused exclusively on working with with government agencies to simplify government for both citizens and our government partners. We deliver our industry-leading, cloud-based government transaction platform along with modern web and mobile apps that enable a more modern, personalized experience for the customer.

PayIt offers products across a wide range of government processes, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Services (e.g. vehicle registrations, driver licenses, titles & liens)
  • Turnpike & Transportation (e.g. turnpike/toll payments, bus/train fare payments, truck permitting, driver tax reporting)
  • Utility Services (e.g. utility payments and account management)
  • Parks & Wildlife (e.g. hunting and fishing licenses, park passes, camping reservations)
  • Permits & Licenses (e.g. business registrations, professional licenses, construction permits)
  • Environmental Services (e.g. waste disposal permits, use permits, compliance reporting)
  • Citations (e.g. parking tickets, traffic tickets, court fees)
  • User Profile & Personalized Services (e.g. stored user profile, push notifications, electronic billing, secure document storage)

  • Our approach to this market has earned us a variety of national recognitions, including:

  • First Place, US Conference of Mayors, Amazon Web Services
  • Third Place Overall, South by Southwest United States Conference of Mayors pitch contest sponsored by Code for America and Amazon Web Services
  • Finalist, “Rise of the Rest,” a nationwide competition for high-growth companies and entrepreneurs in local startup ecosystems.
  • Finalist, Amazon Web Services, “City on a Cloud” Partner in Innovation competition
  • Contract Info

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    Contract Awarded:
    Cloud-Based SaaS Solution for Citizen Engagement and Government Transaction Processing

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    Lead Agency: 
    Region 14 ESC

    Contract Term:
    3 year term, August 16, 2021 to July 31, 2024
    *Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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    RFP for Cloud-Based, SaaS Solution for Government Transaction Processing

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    PayIt's Response to RFP

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    Region 14 Award Letter

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    Jack Laskowitz
    1100 Main St, Suite 700
    Kansas City, MO 64105
    (314) 578-5425