Smoothwall empowers schools to digitally safeguard the students in their care with next-generation web filtering, firewall, digital monitoring, and classroom management solutions.

From our humble beginnings in 2000, when we launched the Smoothwall open source firewall, we have grown into an award-winning organization supporting over 4 million users and partners in more than 60 countries around the world.

Smoothwall solutions are engineered to address the safety and well-being of students, the self-sufficiency needs of teachers, and the cost-efficiency needs of school districts. They are designed to keep our customers one step ahead in the evolving world of digital safety with stringent data privacy in mind.

Our solutions can be deployed independently or combined to form a robust engine that drives strong digital practices while ensuring technology directors achieve increased interoperability.

With Smoothwall, customers can choose from Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models that are compatible with the needs of their own technology environments.

Our technologies power five solutions that can be adopted standalone or combined to provide a ring of protection for the whole school community.

1. Safer networks with Firewall
2. Blocking harmful web content with real-time Web Filter
3. Threat detection with Monitor
4. Safer and more immersive digital learning with Classroom Manager
5. 360-degree child reporting with digital Record Manager


  • Content Filtering – Smoothwall is the pioneer of content-aware analysis. Smoothwall Filter categorizes web content in real-time, without dependence on unreliable and outdated URL blocklists. Combined with a powerful reporting suite, social media controls, and BYOD functionality, Smoothwall Filter allows you to review and control what students see online.

    Smoothwall’s Filter enables a safer, digital learning environment with real-time, content-aware and granular control filtering.

  • Firewall – Smoothwall Firewall has all the features of the Secure Web Gateway paired with a next-generation firewall to give you total protection. Smoothwall’s Firewall & Filter also combines Layer 7 application control with perimeter firewall and stateful packet inspection to provide Next-Generation firewall functionality.

    All built into one appliance, schools can provide cost-effective protection for your network and shield against all web and non-web borne threats. Smoothwall’s Firewall & Filter is designed with your organization’s security needs in mind.

  • Digital Monitoring - Smoothwall Monitor is a real-time, digital monitoring solution that flags incidents as they happen. Monitoring both keystrokes and screen views, educators are informed, through a variety of means, when users try to view or type harmful content. Educators are notified of content that may indicate risk to a student such as violence, suicide, drug abuse, sexual grooming, gang membership, cyberbullying, or an inappropriate use of school resources.

    Smoothwall Monitor helps schools detect online risks before they become real-life incidents through AI technology supported by 24/7/365 human-moderated analysis.

  • Classroom Manager – Designed from the ground up to help busy teachers manage dynamic classrooms, Smoothwall Classroom Manager gives them the control needed to maintain productive learning environments. Teachers are able to lockdown devices, close down browser tabs, open tabs, and take screenshots of student activity for reporting if there is inappropriate activity.

    This crucial classroom tool empowers teachers to be self-sufficient while enabling school districts to improve learning outcomes.
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