Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for over 50 years. TCS offers a consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions. This is delivered through its unique Agile™ delivery model, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.

TCS built its business and reputation believing there was a better way to implement technology solutions, a better way to bring innovation to the market, and a better way to do business with a community-centric approach. We work tirelessly to avoid broken projects and promises that go unfulfilled. We have a proven track record and reputation that delivers certainty, innovation, and business with purpose. We are now “Building on Belief.” Our government partners can expect to experience the same certainty, innovation, and purpose in all their programs and services, while also counting on future-ready solutions. Believe in what the future could be—and build it with TCS.

TCS has operations in 46 countries across the globe. Our United States presence includes 29 offices around the country, with a major regional presence that can be leveraged for the NCPA by our Ohio Delivery Center in Cincinnati.

TCS is committed to long-term, sustainable relationships with government clients. Globally, TCS retains an industry-leading 98% of customers annually, in part by embodying certainty, innovation, and business with purpose. The TCS Public Services team works with governments to transform the user experience and deliver outcomes for government and society. Through continuous innovation, TCS leverages future-ready technologies, including machine-driven process automation, cognitive/artificial intelligence, cloud interoperability, and enterprise agile deployment; all focused on improving outcomes, efficiency, and the constituent experience.

The company generated consolidated revenues of US $25.7 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022. TCS’ proactive stance on climate change and award-winning work with communities across the world have earned it a place in leading sustainability indices such as the MSCI Global Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good Emerging Index.


As a leading provider of modernization solutions, TCS helps governments transform the delivery of constituent services. Our transformational technologies and agile approaches address challenges facing agency programs today: increased volumes, security, fraud, aging systems, compliance, and demand for a consumer-grade user experience.

The TCS approach to modernization and transformation
  • Customized delivery plan to address government needs
  • Agile processes to rapidly deliver transformational capabilities
  • Comprehensive change management to ensure successful rollout and adoption of new systems
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation to improve quality and increase capacity
  • Joint ownership and sponsorship of programs for accountability and outcomes

TCS does not sell software, but you will see that we partner with some of the most capable software companies in the world to deliver solutions that bring better customer experiences, improve efficiency, save money, and increase accuracy.

The TCS difference
  • TCS is considered by the industry analysts to be among the leading companies that provide services in the automation space.
  • Our DPM practice has over 3,000 certified BPM professionals and over 150 clients.
  • We are recognized as a leader for Pega services and a Pega Elite Partner with over 20 years of Pega implementation experience.
  • we have won multiple “innovation awards” for customer applications that we have developed on the Salesforce & ServiceNow platform as an example of the depth of our experience and expertise with Low Code No Code capabilities.
  • TCS has been highly successful in applying automation to both Oracle and SAP ERP systems to enhance the user experience, improve process flow times, and increase the stability and resiliency of the systems.
  • we are the industry leaders in Intelligent Automation using our Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM). Intelligent automation allows us to work with existing applications, hardware, and software to refine business processes, produce improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

We can implement BPA solutions to assist all parts of the business to achieve more consistent outcomes, a lower cost of operation, better governance, improved compliance, higher customer satisfaction and better value for the organization.

Business Process Automation Solutions and Services Categories

  • Customer Experience / Citizen Engagement
  • Human Resources / Financial Management
  • Child Welfare
  • Child Support Enforcement Solution
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits, Tax and Appeals Solution
  • Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)
  • Education Offerings

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Awarded Vendor:
Tata Consultancy Services

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Business Process Automation Solutions and Services

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Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
3 year term, April 30, 2022 to April 30, 2025
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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