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We help cities manage curb space by measuring how it’s used with wireless cameras and computer vision, providing an end-to-end solution that includes hardware, installation, maintenance, software, and consulting in one subscription package. With real-time occupancy data at the core, our platform gives cities total insight into when curb space is used, where vehicles are utilizing the curb, how long they are staying, and what kind of vehicles are using it. This combines to partnership with us providing two powerful outcomes:

  • (1) Building better physical curbs by meeting demand where it’s at, and removing it where it isn’t;
  • (2) Building & bettering curb programs to optimize the physical curb digitally, with programs like Automated Enforcement, PayByStay (billing from the moment a user touches the curb), and more efficient routing for fleets all enabled by our infrastructure.

Vade is further enabled by a focus on partnering with cities as an ongoing curb management partner. Whether it’s asking us about the potential effects of a policy change, integration specifics to your existing technology, or a pie in the sky curb program you need a litmus test on, call us. We’re here to be your partner not only in technology, but in building better and more efficient streets, curbs and curb programs, together.


There are three tiers of potential usage of our system, which utilizes AI-empowered pole-mounted solar-powered cameras to feed live street-level Vehicle Session Data to a powerful back-end aggregation & analytics Suite. All three of these options (and any combination) are available to your City at no extra charge for blocks which are Measure-enabled:

Vade Tier 1: Measure Your Curb

Our annual subscription model includes the physical & digital infrastructure required to upgrade any city to state-of-the-art functionality. This includes the cameras, installation, maintenance, computer vision, and quality assurance at no additional cost.

With Vade's Measure product, we use our cameras in combination with a robust computer-vision pipeline and comprehensive occupancy dashboard to enable cities to view their curb inventory, analyze demand across time and geography, and integrate actionable historical or real-time data into the systems that cities, vendors, and drivers already use. The platform consists of the following components:

Our Measure product is a web application that allows cities to build & view customizable reports and analytics that contextualize & distill meaning from the real-time curb data generated by our cameras. Furthermore, Measure enables cities to view their curb inventory, edit CDS-based rules and rate, and serves as a data hub for dissemination of this real time data to third parties. We provide this functionality across three distinct tabs: Zones, Analytics, and Maps.

Vade Tier 2: Manage Your Curb More Efficiently
Once partners are on board, it's time to begin to unlock the real value of a connected curb. Below, you’ll find what’s possible based on the integration...
Enforcement Providers - (Conduent, Duncan Solutions, Passport, T2 Systems)
  • Automated Violation Issuance by Mail.
  • Improved Violation Capture Rates.
  • Charge Commercial Fleets for Curb Space as they Use It.
  • Manage Micro mobility off of events, not of outcomes.
Payment Providers - (ParkMobile, PayByPhone, Passport, HonkMobile)
  • Allow Parkers Frictionless Payments.
City Software (Remix, PTV Vissim, Populus, existing ERP)
  • Optimize Urban Planning Software.
  • Change the Nature of On Street Operations.

Now that the essentials are managed, the infrastructure is in place to unlock the true value of the connected curb, by making the data open and freely available to curbs users...

Vade Tier 3: Meld the Digital and Physical Curb

Amazon/UPS/Local Delivery Fleets
Allow Fleets to Make Informed Decisions that Respect City Policies.
Uber, Lyft, other TNCs
Optimize Routes & Incentivize Enrollment in City Programs.
Consumer App Integration
Have Maps applications navigate users directly to an open parking space instead of to your on-street destination.

Finally, there’s Step 4: find the use cases that only your experience in living, working and playing for years in your city can. With a 99.9% uptime API, no additional charges based on integration usage, and a firm commitment to your city’s ownership of generated images, we can say with confidence that the use cases presented here are just scratching the surface.

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VADE Group, Inc

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Curb Management Technology

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Region 14 ESC

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2 year term, September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2024
*Option to renew for three (3) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for Curb Management Technology

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