State and local governments tell us they are accustomed lately to fiscal constraints on departmental budgets and reduced personnel – yet the growth of data creates a huge need for agile IT solutions. Balancing the ability to provide key services while controlling or even reducing costs presents challenges to these agencies – modernizing citizen services while being good stewards over budgets is hard work!

With over 38 years of customer partnerships and a demonstrated track record of successfully addressing the most highly complex and mission-critical requirements, ViON’s Public Sector team has evolved and matured as a natural extension of our highly successful and widely recognized expertise in the federal marketplace.

ViON has a 18-year history of providing solutions to address IT challenges throughout the Public Sector (state agencies, counties, municipalities, educational institutions and medical environments).

When NCPA and Texas Region 14 ESC asked ViON what unique value-adds we intend to bring to the NCPA Technology Solutions cooperative contracting vehicle, we immediately included four things that our best customers like and appreciate about us.

   1)  Value-added Products
Cables, wires, cabinets, spacers, in-cabinet cooling systems, self-aware cabinetry (for troubleshooting, alerts, and alarms), management software, and other such “glue” that pulls truly integrated data center information technology products together is what ViON views and approaches as functional pieces of the whole (more so than as ‘add-ons’ to enable data communications). ViON considers and presents these product options to our customers with enormous care to ensure overall functionality, maintainability, security, and availability of the integrated systems. To ViON, the value-add is in our holistic approach to outfitting the operational ecosystem in our customers’ IT environments, inclusive of the “small things” that can power – or prevent, smooth operations – even cables and cabinetry.

   2)  Ready for Use (RFU)
For purchasers of enterprise class storage and servers, ViON Corporation (ViON) provides a comprehensive value add service package referred to as “Ready for Use” (RFU). This targeted, focused service helps customers quickly leverage their infrastructure. It provides rapid implementation by an experienced consultant who will focus on quick and effective deployment of an operations ready platform. The RFU services package is a complimentary investment to get customers started immediately and up-to-speed quickly. It is designed to assist the Customer team and provide knowledge to the Customer in order for them to leverage and understand their infrastructure. Upon completing a RFU addendum to scope and bound the project, set expectations for outcomes and deliverables, and solidify agreement with the Customer, ViON designates an Engineering Project Coordinator that is responsible for the overall project and coordination of project management activities, outcomes, and deliverables with a Customer’s Project Manager. The Project Coordinator will have responsibility for coordinating all activities on the Ready-for-Use service, scheduling resources, and will be the single point of contact for ViON for this Service. The knowledge transfer portion of each RFU requires the customer staff to be available during installation/implementation.

   3)  Customer Intimacy
Unmatched value available through ViON is in more than just quality of product and value represented by price, it is an extraordinary level and type of service, guidance and expertise, and hand-holding that we provide to continuously surprise and delight our customers, partners, and our employees. ViON’s customer intimacy is so much more than an add-on to a purchase transaction, it is our comparative value in our marketplace, our competitive strategy, corporate culture, and how our organization is designed to be resilient and adaptable. Customer intimacy is how ViON employees and executives ensure our longevity and customer technology mission success. We create ethical, deep, fulfilling customer relationships which are oriented toward a long-term win-win. We continually seek better understanding, seek to anticipate needs, and fulfill stated and latent requirements.

   4)  Information Technology Economics
How do customers design economically superior information technology architectures: with ViON’s economics-based IT architecture, engineering, and design services. Our approach reveals untapped value from previous IT investments, can reduce the need to grow future capital investments at the same rate as data growth, and seeks to best the 5x cost multiplier that organizations typically find to be the true total cost of ownership layered atop their data center IT, Cloud, or Converged Infrastructure initial capital investments. ViON works with our partners and customers to identify key areas for cost reduction and a path to realize those savings, and to deliver technology solutions that are economically efficient over the long term. From presenting options for IT ecosystems that include value-add products which improve operations and economics, to maintenance strategies and schedules which ensure uptime and disaster avoidance, ViON considers a comprehensive set of criteria which improve overall cost of ownership and operations – passing uncommon knowledge along to customers in the process.

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Technology Solutions

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Region 14 ESC

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8 year term, October 1, 2015 to October 31, 2023
*Option to renew for zero (0) additional one (1) year periods.

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