A national public accounting and advisory firm with 14 offices from coast to coast and more than 1,000 professionals, Weaver is committed to helping our government clients deliver for their constituents, while bringing a long-term perspective to help improve their operations and services. From independent school districts to highly complex state agencies, more than 300 governmental and educational entities across the U.S. look to Weaver for a wide array of audit and advisory needs.

Weaver’s core services include:

  • Government consulting
  • Grant funding management
  • Business process improvement, reengineering and operating models
  • Organizational design and assessment
  • Organizational planning and benchmarking
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Change management
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT and IS strategy and implementation support
  • Human capital strategy
  • DEIB and talent management

  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • Ongoing risk management
  • Internal audits
  • Grant compliance and sub-recipient monitoring
  • Construction audits
  • Performance and programmatic audits
  • Fraud prevention and employee training
  • Forensic accounting
  • IT audits and IT security assessments
  • Data analytics

  • Financial statement audits under GAAS and GAGAS
  • Single audits under Uniform Guidance and state-specific guidance
  • Agency-specific financial reporting for disaster relief grants, education, environment, housing, transportation, corrections and other special needs
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Review for GFOA recognition
  • Audits of economic development agencies and component units
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Assistance with implementing new GASB standards

Beyond financial audit and assurance, Weaver provides a variety of Risk Advisory and IT Advisory services, including risk assessment, internal audit, contract compliance, performance audit, forensic investigation, IT audits and IT security assessments.


From capital projects and economic development initiatives to disaster recovery readiness and ESG goals, our professionals assist government clients in managing a myriad of tasks.

Weaver helps usher in change for public entities, no matter in what area or at what stage of transformation we meet them, throughout these four core organizational functions:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Compliance and Assurance
  • Technology
  • Human Resources

By helping clients build mature, strategic processes and governance, we position them to effectively address problems, flag potential issues such as fraud or loss, and achieve their mission.

Services offered under Weaver’s MSA for management consulting services include:

Achieving a Better State of Health
Our dedicated accounting professionals help manage specific reporting requirements and navigate the ever-changing landscape of industry regulations.

Modernizing Public Safety
As governments look to make justice systems more workable, our professionals help create efficiencies in these much-needed communications, plans, and fulfillment for the benefit of communities with sustainable funding models at the core.

Building Infrastructure for the 21st Century
Weaver’s professionals are ready to help participating entities successfully manage the influx of federal funds that are coming or already received every step of the way, from developing the business case, program design and administration and program execution, including close-out procedures that will confirm compliance with federal regulations.

Creating Jobs and Driving Economic Growth
Our experienced team will design clear sector strategies to encourage economic growth through targeted investment and driving innovation, which creates incentive for entrepreneurship and business development. We will also define economic growth strategies, support partners of high-potential companies to boost firm growth and job creation, develop workforce initiatives to meet specific skill needs of local companies and implement economic development priorities, initiatives or programs.

Educating Citizens for the Future
Our commitment to our communities and furthering the effectiveness of education has remained steadfast. We’ve been a partner to school districts, community colleges and universities since our founding in Fort Worth in 1950, helping them become safer, more effective, financially sound, and serving parents, students and educators.

Reimagining Tax and Finance
Weaver’s deeply knowledgeable tax and finance teams will conduct benchmarking and evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of tax administration and identify specific opportunities for improvement. We will also design initiatives to improve performance including innovative tax compliance approaches and advanced analytics. Our team will evaluate the taxpayer customer service journey, and create an approach to address pain points. We will also address the overall financial management system of the agency and support implementation of priorities, strategies and programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tax administration and collection.

Effectively Establishing and Managing Pensions and Benefit Programs
Our well-established pension and benefit team will implement an Investment Book of Record including best practices, market research and recommendations, service level agreement recommendations and analysis and recommendations, taking into consideration fiduciary requirements, of staffing needs of a third-party administrator’s data platform versus the direct purchase and implementation of a proprietary investment data platform. We will also provide consulting services, including preparation of plan documents, assisting counsel in IRS filings, assisting in RFP preparation, advising on proper delegation of functions to the TPA, determination of best practices for the structure of interaction between the Issuing Office, its employers and the TPA, analyzing best practices of the information flow among the Issuing Office, the employers and the TPA, and advising on the preparation of marketing materials.

Building Resilience and Crisis Response
Decades of experience supporting state and local governments and regional agencies with disaster preparation and crisis response enables us to assess each organization’s climate, weather and other risks, analyze the economic impacts specific to each agency, and develop robust plans to address recovery and to mitigate both financial and human losses. When a crisis or natural disaster does strike, Weaver also has the skills and experience to support in managing the grant management process from planning to close out with a focus on grant compliance throughout the process.

Transforming Back-Office Functions
Robust, efficient operational and financial processes are the backbone of all successful organizations, including ESCs, school districts and other government and public-facing agencies. Weaver’s financial and operational professionals provide strategic guidance and special project assistance to assist you in transforming your operations and achieving your strategic mission.

Driving Operational Transformations
We help our clients become the best organization they can be by not just assessing their areas of concern and handing them a report, but by providing collaborative recommendations that are insightful, practical, scalable, sustainable, and can be implemented with measurable performance results. Our professionals understand the nuanced interrelations among administrative and operational units and their overlapping processes, and we remain cognizant of the implications that every change can have for the organization as a whole.

Creating a Better Citizen Experience, Including Digitization
The citizen experience should be human-centered, data driven, and a seamless way to connect with government. Weaver is here to help each participating agency partner with its citizens to design the experience they desire while dramatically improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Addressing Capital Productivity and Capital Management
Weaver provides audit services to confirm capital productivity and capital management and we have specific, proven experience in the education space – including K-12 and higher education – and for municipal and state governments and others throughout the sector. Our audits have focused on the financial data, as well as construction management/process audits that encompass not only contracted versus invoiced costs but also examine the client’s construction management processes.

Delivering Effective Strategies and Plans
From research and data-driven, deep-dive analysis against competitors and environmental factors, our team will dramatically increase each participating agency’s likelihood of driving success through effective strategies and plans. We not only position you for success, we deliver a roadmap that gets you there, one step at a time, and in a manner that aligns with your overall goals.

Applying Advanced Analytics
Advanced data analytics tools and robotic process automation (RPA) offer new possibilities to public organizations, just as they have for big private companies. These tools allow NCPA participants to leverage their existing data to improve effectiveness, efficiency and constituent/user satisfaction. Weaver’s in-house Digital Transformation and Automation Services practice group, provides the tools for government and not-for-profit organizations to leverage these innovations.

Transforming Organizations, Workforce and Culture
Weaver assists our public sector clients in optimizing their human capital structure and ultimately maximizing benefits for their people, both inside the organizations and in the communities they serve.

We provide:
  • Organizational Assessment and Design
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Talent Management and DEIB Fulfillment
  • Change Management Communications
  • HR Analytics
  • Learning And Development

Managing Risk
We bring NCPA member agencies our robust experience in supporting organizations manage their risk profile while dramatically improving the efficacy of the services they provide their constituents, students and families and beneficiaries, including the following services:

  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • Ongoing risk management
  • Internal audits
  • Grant compliance and sub-recipient monitoring
  • Construction audits
  • Performance and programmatic audits
  • Fraud prevention and employee training

Other Services
In addition to strategic management consulting services, we also offer comprehensive IT services, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Assessment
  • IT Internal Audit
  • SOC Examination Services
  • CIO Advisory Services
  • IT Compliance
  • Consulting

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3 year term, December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2025
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At Weaver, we invest in continual education for our professionals and clients to stay on top of pressing industry topics. By engaging our professionals and inviting clients and industry influencers to develop thought provoking content and discussions, we seek avenues to give our clients a competitive edge and assist in their success. Here are some examples of Weaver thought leadership initiatives on strategic management consulting topics.

Lonely at the Top: The Expanding Role of the Government CFO
Podcast: Managing a Deluge of Funds – and Delivering on Promises
How to Optimize Performance Using the Governance Maturity Model
How to Handle IT Subscriptions Under GASB’s Lease Accounting Rules
How to Detect and Avoid Overpayments in Construction Projects
Do You Have P-Cards and Credit Cards Under Control?
Successful Grant Compliance in Six Steps


“The Weaver team consistently provides stellar service - often far above and beyond. Our questions and requests can be detailed; however, our engagement team is always gracious and helpful.”
- Large public K-12 school district

“The Weaver team is clearly driving the kind of fundamental culture change expected by our stakeholders.”
- Large, complex special district

“Weaver is very responsive to our needs and always willing to help answer questions and provide guidance. We look at each engagement as a learning opportunity and a chance to improve, and I feel like the Weaver team has the same attitude and willingness to help us attain our goals.”
- Public hospital system

Teaming Partners

We’ve also partnered with select firms to offer comprehensive insights into improving overall organizational effectiveness, measurements, and resilience.

These firms include:
  • IntegerHealth
  • Foresite Group
  • The Goodman Corporation
  • Alvarez & Marsal
  • Mass Ingenuity